(2015) Thursday 8th October.  BBC Radio Oxford, breakfast news.  Item on arson and motivation (following the news that arson has increased by over 30% in Oxford in the past year.

(2014) 24th January.  BBC TV East Midlands 6.30 news.  News item on: Schools, Suicide & Self-Harm.  Interview with Rob Sissons.  

(2014) 24th January.  BBC Radio Nottingham.  Breakfast Show.  Interview ahead of conference: Schools, Suicide & Self-Harm.

(2013) 2nd Sept.  BBC Radio 2.  15 minute studio interview with Jeremy Vine about the Leyland fires, young people and arson.  

(2012) May 14th Legal Highs. Column article in Nottingham Evening Post.

(2013) 2nd Sept  BBC Radio 2.  Interviewed by Jeremy Vine about the Leyland fires, young people and arson.  

(2012) May 14th Legal Highs. Column article in Nottingham Evening Post.

(2011) 7th November Radio Nottingham. Breakfast show item on arson attacks in Netherfield.

(2011) 19th May Radio Nottingham.  Live studio interview preceding Narratives of Trauma conference.  Discussing pupil suicides and Malorie Blackman's Noughts & Crosses.

(2011) Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery.  This Event Will Change Your Life - Evening public Lectures.  Psychoanalysis, art & creativity. Jan 25.   (pictured left)

(2010) June 29th Nottingham Evening Post.  Guest column: On the Nottingham City Council Children's Report. 

(2010) February 2nd: studio live interview.  BBC Radio Nottingham: Edlington brothers and children who are violent. 

(2009) Daily Telegraph, October 15th.  Article by Eric Clark: Arson - A burning desire (consulted and quoted):  click here

(2009) 8th September: studio live interview BBC Radio Nottingham morning show: Dan Brown.  Edlington brothers.    

(2009) 25th February: studio live interview BBC Radio Nottingham morning show: Frances Finn about Arson.  click here to listen to interview

(2009) 10th February.  Austrian Radio FM: re: arson (after the Australian fire). News item interviewee . 

(2008-) Consultant for Great Ormond Street website information on substance misuse

(2008) Heart 106.  News item evening news Friday 18th January: Interview re: suicide websites. 

(2007) 11th Annual MAXWELL JONES LECTURE respondent (details & audio of lecture & response)

(2007) Radio Berkshire, September 12th - Interviewed for breakfast show about a local case of arson. 

(2007) Radio Nottingham - knife crime.  Consulted for Breakfast Show piece October 23rd. (  Jason Spencer (stabbed 8 times) aet 17yrs, index offender Rubin Valentine.  Issues: absence of voice, space for conflict resolution, case history narratives: homicidal identification, pathways, antecedents, personality disorder?   Title: Interview with Detective Chief Inspector Paul Cottey from Nottinghamshire police (October 2007)

(2007) Fires in Greece.  The Times.  August 12th.  Consulted, commentary and quote. 

(2007) Pick me Up Magazine - August 11th.  Consulted, commentary and quote on Burtonshaw case.

(2007) Hull & East Riding Daily Mail.  May 3rd. Commentator for lead article on the case of arson re: David Burtonshaw.

(2007) Channel 4 documentary on 'Pyromania'.  Programme consultant.  Screened Tuesday 6th February 11pm 2007.  'Pyromania' is part of a triptych of films for Channel 4 by Firecracker Films.  Press release: "This imaginative series of highly visual documentaries takes us inside the mind of the maniac. We will be offered a rare insight into the complete and overwhelming experience when manic impulses begin taking over our bodies.  Each film features a series of people diagnosed with a particular Impulse Control Disorder - from Erotomania, Pyromania and Egomania - and explores just how far their compulsions can really go. Using a mixture of dynamic stylistic devices and computer-generated imagery, each film attempts to recreate a warped world as seen through their eyes. Whether it involves starting fires, exploding with violent rage or getting insanely turned on, each is tempted by ordinary life to do extra-ordinarily bad or dangerous things. But what makes them do it?"   Programme consultant and contributor.

(2006) ¨Mad Nylon¨ a film by Luis Castro about the terrorist attacks in Madrid, NY & London: The Locarno Film Festival, Madrid  August 2006, Spanish TV July 7th 2006.  Role: Interviewee. 

(2006) BBC2 Documentary on small museums - screened, May 24th 2006.  Role: interviewee at the Freud Museum.   

(2005) ITV Jonathon Dimbleby Show: Election special (live broadcast).  Pre-tabled question to Jack Straw.    

(1992) Jo Brand's one woman show Edinburgh Festival August (Perrier Nominee).  Recorded and produced backing music. 

(1991) BBC 2 documentary produced by Antonia Higgs (Network South East): Programme on Witley Two -first shown January 10th, repeated 1992.  Role: Ward Manager, participant in documentary.  

(1983) LBC Radio - news item: 'Student wages', 1983. Role: Interviewee.

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